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ThIs Is a GoOd OraNgE dawG



JuSs waNna ThaNk SaMaNtHa FoLaN FoR HeLpiiNg Me MaKe My JoUrNaL bEaUtiFuLe =]~ ... YeaH sO Ne WaYs


-- things have beeen aiight around the house, my grandma has been very Nice to me ...

today at skool was gay i guess ...


first hour --- gay! troy (hes my bi polor friend) he must be takin his meds cause today he was super nice. lol ... we did some gay poems and then i fell asleep

second hour -- juss talked to brock and danielle the whole time. and sophia made me walk with her back to tha locker room to get her shoes because she wanted to see MATT lmao

third hour --  lol funny!! as soon as i came in i walked in late, and mr lamdon was talking about how no one is ever on time, and hes like so when you guys come to skool - come on time, and then i was like hii mt lamdon, hes like theres a good example lol . then i sat down and i kept turning around and talkin to vanessa and jerrod. jerrod was mad at me today i duno wtf i did.

fourth hour *well lunch* -- me and cayla and alana got caught smokin in tha bathroom lol .. alana is the one who beat the living fuck outta danielle doorcheck lmfao. that was a good ass fight too. i was buyin a slushie i turn around. alana has on her hood, she jumps outta her chair and starts throwin madd punches at danielle, danielle got knocked out, she woke up and goes who punched me lmfao .. her head was bleeding. rofl during that fight EVERY BODY was over there .. i look ova at tha door kevins walkin out with like everyones food roflll im like wtf

Fourth Hour -- matt likes vanessa ahaha. cute shit. lmao i fell asleep matt kept pullin ma hair and wakin me up. GRRR! ..

fifth hour- same as always. me kevin and jerrod make fun of miss kurtinitis. rofl jerrod asked her if she was a lezbian ahaha. funny shit

sixth hour - omg i hate joe coz and jacquel .. they fuckin made me get an in house, because they kept turning my volume up real loud so u cudd hear my music. GRR

sevanth hour - omg we had that one fucked up sub rofl MISTER ENGELBRINK ahhahaha .. so he took attendance and then me brittany and chrissay left .. he didnt even see us leave. we went to conga to get some shit to drink and smoke a square. i had a rasberry mocha good shit lol. then keith came in * juss so everyone knows heres what keith looks like*

                     hmm .. about 400 pounds, bushy uni brow and hes gay so he has that gurly voice. and he stuttters

so he gets picked on alot wich i personaly think is bull shit fuck them ppl man .. i get mad when ppl pick on him thats mean as hell. so he came in crying. were like why arent u in skool? he started crying hes like jessie dardinii is making fun of me . she drew a picture of me. and it was mean. he showed us the picture, it was fucking mean as hell.

so i was already pissed because of what tha fuck happen yesterday, so i seen jessie come walkin in with her friends, she was laughing at keith like hey fat ass come here. i looked at her, i gave her tha evilsttt look ever, she almost shit herself . cause everyone knows me. im crazy

so i walk up to her and her gurls i go listen u ugly ass bitch, juss because u found someone who mite look a lil worse then you. don tmean u needa fuckin pick on him. shes like well umm .. i go NO shut the fuck up. i dont care about ur fuckin side of the story. keith looks a millian times better then ur uglyy ass so u need to shut the fuck up. she aint say shit i was like aiight bitch do u understand me? shes like yeaaa sorry. then her gurls look at me .. im like same goes with u. then im bout to walk out and she was like hey can i ask u some thin? i go nooo im str8 and i took my hot ass coffe . took off tha lid and threw it right in her face and walked away. lmfaoo chrissay and brittany were diein ahaha

so then i get back to skool ... guess who fuckin asks me to go smoke with her? brittany .. i go listen u fuckin skantless bitch ive had it with all u whores. think ur tha fuckin shit because ur boyfriends are up ur ass. (because her boyfriend used to treat her like shit, and now she fucks him every day and they get along) she had tha nerve to say to my aunt that anton dont love me. i go listen to me. its whores like u that have to get in ma business. u think ur bf loves u? ahaha NO BITCH he mite be confused and be more obsessed with you, but its not because of ur looks . its nothin but the fact that u have to fuck him to make him stay with you. and then i go dont talk to me ever in ur fucking life cause ill kill u. i was like and dont talk shit to julie no more cause shes ganna kick ur ass if u say one more word about me

and then i walked away. and she had tears in her eyes . lmfaoo i told jp about what she did to me. hes like ill go kick that gurls ass want me to lmfaoo im like no jp please dont .. lmfao hes sooo stupid. and we were wachin a movie about throat cancer i thought of jp ahaha . because he always fuckin coughs up blood .. he shuddnt be smokin newports mann imma smack him lol.

his sister stefanie is tha shit i love her

... ne ways then i came home and anton made me happy ... then i fell asleep. ma grandma woke me up, she bought me taco bell, and she also bought me tha hair gel i wanted from tha beauty supply store and she also got me some more LOVE SPELL from victoria secret wich is good because i was runnin out i loveee that shit mann . lol and she got me some pink shorts from victoria secret and some more things lol.


now imma go call ma baby... mwaa peacee


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