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What a Excllent day <3

ookay lemme fuckin juss tell u how wierd and funny ma day was ....


kay .. first hour i walk in and layed down and went to sleep jerrod and kevin come ova there and wake me up . i go jerrod i aint got no fuckin ciggeretts mann .. hes like that aint whaa i came ova here 4 damm i juss wanna talk to u.. im like oo ma bad lol

so then we talk .. he goes back to his seat and i go to sleep .. wake up bell rings i go to gym

in gym ... i helped samm (mister ladodo) hang up posters in senior hall . hes tha shiiit ahaha .. i was like okay sam .. tha poster is cruced u are smokin that crack rock agen arent u? .. he whipped his nose .. hes like is it that notice able lol .. yes samm it is lol hes tha shiit

so then THIS IS WHERE IT GETS GOOOD --------

i walk into bio lab .. someone is in ma seat hes new .. he looks madd familure.. i sit down and start thinkin to ma self where do i know him from lmaoo .. jerrod gave me some ciggeretts ..  and then tha new kid got a pass to tha office .. and when he left angelina goes omg hes soo hot and all tha gurls were like yeaa he is who is he .. im like oomg he looks like ma ex bf roger lol

so then he comes back .. tha teacher goes whats ur name agen? hes like roger I BUSTED OUT LAUGHING I GOT BEAT REDD ROFLL .. omggg hes like amber? im like omggg .. i walked outta tha rooom in tears .. it was sooo funny .. so everyone kept askin me bout it alll day .. so all tha rest of tha day was GAY

we had a hald day so we got out early .. so me and cayla and danielle got a ride home with carrie .. because danilles car is in tha shop and caylas liceance is suspended .. and me .. well i cant have a liseance till im 21 ahaha .. everyone knows that tho .. so were drivin smokin and tha music is blastin .. were all dancin and shit and carrie is all highh .. she runns about 12 red lights .. rofl i go into fast track to buy a pack of 100z .. tha arab dude gamme them FOR FREE .. he said he sees me alot in there and this time i looked soo good so sinse im finee i get it free .. ahaha

w/e  i aint complainin lmfao

so then i went to caylas .. we went to zazz and got some junk foood .. me her connie and chrissay wached some movies and then victor *(her 5 year old brother) was crying cause no one wudd play video games with him sooo i went and played tha dam game with him cause i love this little boy .. and he was beating me every single time so i went back downstairs lolz .. connie went to work and chrissay went some where lol i duno where she went shes a hooker ..

soooOoOOoOo then cayla came up stairs to play tha video games with victor and her room is giant .. lol and i was sooo cold i was shaking .. so i layed down on tha bed *she has 2 beds .. one attached to tha window its relle cool its a water bed .. and tha other one is a normal bed .. so i layed in tha water bed and ended up gettin so cozy i fell asleep while she was tellin me about her bf and her lol .. and then i woke up and she was sleepin and so was vik .. so i went back 2 sleep lol

then at like 5 anessa and dan came and woke us up ... and i str8ed ma hair and did ma make up and got ready and we left with korrin tab chrissay and danielle.. and we got high and then went out to eat and went home ...


caylas bf and her are relle goin down hill i feel bad ... i luv herrrrr soo much shes ma best friend

tomorow me and cayla are fighting kim scelton .. be there!! ahahhahahha



peaceee im goin to lay downnnn

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