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new lay out .. isnt it sho shexxii

lol im sorry you cant see the entries below .. juss high light them and you can read it. its hard gettin a new lay out!*

*... i wanna new lay out with hot ass abercrombie models sum1 help me find them ...*

... ne who things have been so nasty flat out i been so pissed off and upset. listen to how fucked up this shit is

okay i spent tha night at my mommys lass nite. and i was about to take ma pills. there for like low blood sugar and shit. and i look at them, there almost done, i droped one and ma mom picked it up. shes like umm why are they yellow? im like i duno isnt that tha color they shudd be? shes like NO there supposed to be Blue, well i was only supposed to take 25 milla grams, they gave me 250 milla grams.

so we called a lawer, its a class A law suit im goin in on monday to talk to him about every thing. and were ganna sew the hell outta my pharmacy. and imma get all tha money. not no one else juss me.!. hahaa im happy. in a way. however i dont feel good. lol gee i wounder why. cudd it be I CUD BE DEAD RITE NOW!? ..

like wtf thats one thing you dont juss fuck up on like that. they sed i cudd be dead right now. seriousely

ne ways! i been real depressed im kinna upset and i dun even wanna talk bout it. ooo well rite? rite cause no one gives a fuck.

i like havin a journal because i like to write the way i feel in here. however some ppl. (* i wont say who she knows who she is *) is always like ur journal is ugly bro stop makin them so long. ur gay blah blah blah ... its like umm i dont have a journal in ma info for no reason you know!? im juss pissed.

... ugggghhhh .. i duno comment if you have some thin to say about this. or if u like tha new lay out. lemme knooooo ... mwaaa putaz
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