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awee shjett sonnn

aweeez ma fuckin arm juss gushed out blood for an hour .. isnt that HEALTHY? NO STFU


lmao i know i havent updated in awhile :( but heree im doin it now!! =]~

  okay i dun even memmber what day i left off on so imma juss start with ma lass day of in house that i had .. well it was wednessday! i went in and it was me kevin jeffory chrissay and gino .. we all got done with our work earlie so we juss talked the whole time and shit .. and she was in a good mood so yeah we cudd do w/e we wanted

so me and chrissay went to tha bathroom and smoked like 4 squares lmaoo..

me and kevin had a nice talk bout our mothers .. lol yeah pretty emotional right there im suprised he told me all of that .. it was deep i have alot of respect for him man

so then i went home and i didnt go to skoool friday (wich was yesterday) and insted me and ma sister lydiaa went and ran errands and i went easter shopping and got ma lil neice and ma lil brother some candy and an easter baskett ... and i gave steven (my lil bro) 40 dollars .. and i gave toria (ma neice) 40 as well .. so they shudd be happy there onlee little so 4o is a lot of moooolaa

shits been ruff man foreel .. me and anton havent talked for fuckin nights and i hate it it hurts me real bad but its for the best .. i find myself going to sleep crying and waking up with tears in my eyes. its like im never happy. with him and with out him ... doesnt matter im always crying

i needa get rid of him .. out my mind! i juss cant =[ but im trying real hard and i wont give up .. =]

yesterday me and my gramma got into a fight again because my mom was supposed to take me shopping and she went to my uncle mikes court trial insted .. so my grandma had a fit .. she was like you dont make promises and then brek em and i was like its not a big fuckin deal ill go with lydia mann .. so then ma grandma went off on me .. and blahh

so i got pissed .. but i went to sleep and i was fine.

today i woke up .. it was antons birthday .. i woke up and checked my away message .. he left me like 10 messgaes about how he loves me and misses me and what not .. so i call him and im like happy birthday .. and hes like i miss you i love u blah blah blah .. so im thinkin were str8 u know i was ganna work shit out with him ta nite .. but then i call him im like where u at hes like bout to chill with frankie nuculaj

so he chills with him im doin ma own things .. chillen with lydia and toria and jestininia and daniellea and were havin fun lol .. toria is soo fucking cute omg lol

so then i call anton .. frankie answers and he says

:we got pulled ova by tha cops call me back in 5 minz ..


im thinkin to ma self .. umm nooooo why wudd he answer if tha cops are right there i mean come on u know .. so im pissed as fuck ... i dun give a fuck wtf happen they dont have to lie to me

so then ..  i kept callin and they wuddnt answer so im thinkin imma get to tha fuckin bottom of this .. so my heart fells like its in a millian peices im crying like crazy im callin everyone pissed as fuck .. so then i call block and i pretned im melissa

frankie answers

frankie: in a quiet ass voice hes like who is this ..

me: i say melissa

frankie: aiight one minute

he hands anton tha phone

anton: says hello like there aint shit wrong ..

me: mother fucker u lier u didnt get pulled over this is amber you stupid mother fucker

anton: we are by tha cops i gotta go bye

 .. then he fuckin has tha NERVE to tell me he got pulled over and they SEARCHED his car and they hand cuffed him and put him in tha back ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

umm one they need a wearrent for that shit .. and they cant juss put u in tha back for no reason IN HAND CUFFS rofll .. thats NASTY he lied to me hes a discusting ass i hate him sooo bad

hes nasty as fuck if onlee people kneww i swear to god i wish i cudd put it in here LMFAOOO ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!~

so then he says soo much more shit thats nasty so i fuckin grabb my mirror thats on ma wall and i throw it across the room and it shatters .. well it broke and a giant asss peice of glass flys at my arm and stabbs me .. lmfaoo i fall on tha ground crying and screaminnnng .. blood was GUSHING it went on ma walls .. looks like i got murdered .. so i scream on tha top of ma lungs .. ma gramma walks in

she calls tha emergancy room to see wha we shudd do .. it stops bleeding so we juss bandage it up and let it chill .. its aiight now but its a BIG ASS DEEP fuckin cut wooowww lol

me and anton are done for good now .. were juss flat tha fuck out DONE i hate him soo bad i cudd KILLLLLLLLLLLLLL him

this is his fuckin birthday and i was here alone CRYING i wanted to make it special and shit .. but naa its str8 i juss gave his gift to ma grandpa .. tha thing i baught him was sooooo fucking nice HOLY SHIT me and lydia and jessica paied for it .. it was a fuckin cross chard it was gold with 3 diamonds in it .. with a chain .. tha chain was bad ass .. i saved for that shit too loll ..

oh well i dont even care no more .. im soo done right now


imma go eat some food and then go to sleep


good night peace



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