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    this weekend was fun .. ill update with details later right now i juss wanna fuckin lay here and pretend im not even here anee more ...


                     we had family over today after mexican town and infront of all my aunts and uncles my grandma decided to scream at me and make me feel like shit. so i cried so hard. i cant even explaine how i felt when she said what she said to me. i wont even put it in here because it hurts soo bad.

                  then we came home and i was in my room cleaning all day because my nephew and niece decided to play in my room while i was gone lass nite.

           so when i got done cleaning i took a shower and juss got into some pajamaz and chilled around tha house and then my italian part of the family came over like every other sunday .. but this time sinse uncle mike is back in jail it was crazy here. its fucked up how he went back into jail .. and no matter what happens in court hes NEVER comming out .. he killed someone. theres no way out now. even though the guy deserved it like woah .. dont matter thats juss wrong. but whatever. alllll of my fucking uncles are goin to jail .

. uncle james *jimmy* uncle mike uncle jeff uncle dom uncle mario uncle antoneiooo i mean what is this. and what uncle james got charged with IS NOT what he did, i mean yeah he did kill someone but not what he was charged with at all

its us cristini'z i swear im not a cristini now but thats my last name before my mom got re married and i hadda change it. its a cute lass name i want it back lol.  anee who im really upset how could my fucking grandma juss be like that what a fuckin bitch.


 im ganna be real depressed these next few days cause i have to stay home. i wont even be able to see anton on his birthday .. and hes having a fucking hotel party with gurls there. wich makes me insaine. i cant stop crying. and my head hurts soo bad. that night im ganna go up north with my mom so i can get away from everything and imma get drunk with gatono *my fav cuzin* i duno how to spell his name lmfao some times i dont even know how to spell my own. but its GUY  TON OH .. lol so yeah.


 i cant wait till this summer. thats all i want is this summer. i cant even wait. ill never go anee where for this whole rest of the skool year but when summer comes wooo lol. i have soo meny plannz already. my grandma is goin up north april 30th lol and then im goin up north in summer. around june 14th .. skool gets out JUNE 10thhh IMMA BE COUNTING THE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..

       anee ways im going insaine. anton dont take me in public with him no where and i havent figured out why yet. is it because i look bad? cause i dont think i do. is it because he wants ppl tp think he has me in check? cause he dont. i dont really knoiw but it makes me feel like shit and its starting to seriousely make me loose introest in him. its like a TURN OFF really bad and it makes me siiick. some times i honestly HATE him.

 anee who imma go take a NAP .. peace

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