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OoOoH FoRrEeL ---|> iM sOo HapPy =]~ mwaaa

          fooo Shooo WiiiiD iiit Mwaaa


       alright heres how things are =]~ im soo happy i realized so meny things i was doing wrong, and i fixed them, and it turns out all along it was my fualt when i wasnt happy.

          okay today i stayed home from skool i was sooo sick omg wow lol i threw up like 12 times, i still dont feel good kinda. but ne who i woke up around 1230 and made some brek fast , toast with jelly. and then me and princess went and took a nap and wached uptown gurls. lol.

then i woke up around 3 and took princess to tha potty. lolz and then i juss came in my room and layed around wachin tv and talkin to marveta on tha phone. we made some plannz for this weekend.

me and anton are sooo happy rite now. i hope we stay this way forever. hes soo nice to me. if i juss stop thinking hes always cheating on me. and being sucha fuckin skitzo we get along fine. i juss love him soo much its fuckin crazy. we love each other soo much. we made plannz to go to tha fair this weekend. =]~ hes ganna take me. woo i hope my grandma lets me fuckin leave lollz.

tomorow im juss ganna scrubb it out. imma go to skool, come home and me and marveta are ganna go get a mystic tann. 5 volume lmfao i need a tan fast as fuck. then were ganna go get our hair did. mite get my nails done? i duno yet it dependz. then were ganan go to tha mall and go shopping. and then home hopefully earlie. cleannn and then chill around talkin to anton on tha phone. then saturday im ganna wake up go get my hair done and all that good shit. and then goin to tha fair. and maybe hopefully *ANTON* (incase hes reading this .. THIS IS A HINT) takes me out to eat and shit .. i duno. lol

yes indeed imma fat ass!! =]~ i dun give a fuQ lmao. yeah so now imma go clean and get ma shit ready for skool tomorow mwaaaaz (*tomorow is friday thank you jesus*)


 ... comment plez .. thank you


 stefanie .. meg ..  marveta .. kristi .. samantha =]~ i love you gurls to death ....



ooo and how cudd i forget JESSICA KURNYA!! mwaaa bebayyyy i love u soo much mwaaz

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