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EatiiN a BaGle aNd CreaM CheeSe MmMmMm... LmaOo

aiiight i hope ur ready for this lmfaooo .. what a fuckin day

        kay yesterday and today i had in house.

 this am i woke up. straightined ma hair it came out sooo good omg lol it was all fluffy but soo str8 and shiney and no frizzies. and i wore my grey sweat paint capries that say abercrambie on tha ass they have hot pink and white letters and hot pink line goin down tha legg. so i wore a tight white shirt kinda loose. with a hot pink glittery A on it bu tha shoulder. with my hot pink play boy flip flopz and a hot pink bandana arcoss my head like a head band lol. i looked pretty cute. like scrubbed out cute lolz

 so then i get to skool. go get brekfast jp gamme a ciggerett i smoked it with cayla and christin and went to in house. things were str8 till after lunch me and christin were talkin bout walkin outta class cause she wuddnt let us piss.

so christin and i were in one of tha rolly chairs, and she starts rolling twords the doors. shes screaming bye bye bye bye bye bye LMFAOO and then she leavess shes running and SCREAMING lmfao. so then i grabb my purse and im standin by the door miss bishoff comes back im like omg how cudd she juss do that like that? and then i runnn.. but im smart i took tha elevator. ahaha.

so then i catch up with her in tha hall ways we go in tha bathroom and smoke a square. i was showin her my toes and nails lol. i got em done. tha polish color is silver realll cute. tha big toe has a pink star lol. im gettin my nose peirced. AHH!! im scared wish me luckkk.

then we came out and mister ladodddoo tha G teacher was standin there he took us to tha office and then he was like juss go to tha office. and told him we didnt do anee thing wrong so every thing was str88.

christin got another in house because she was bein stupid lmaoo i love her omg. lmfaoooo everyone was laughing.

then we go back and im laughin in tha back with jp. and she comes to my seat and pulls me outta my chair and i hit her. i get sent back down. anther in house 4 me on wednessday =[ GRRRRR

mister ladadoo mite be gettin fired =[ =[ =[ =[ omg illl cryyyy so hard lol seriousely shes tha fuckin shejjjjt

so then i got home juss now im bout to go take a nap i look so dam cute lol i dont wanna mess up ma hair but shejjjjt i need sleep. dam julez we love u lmfao dont ask wooo whatta day. chillen bout to go to sleep mwaaz


**** Make sure you comment plez if you love me u will **** to read them clock the number next to tha MmMmM at tha


i love anton gjonaj omgg i love u baby thank you for puttin up with all tha shit i do and still lovin you mwaaaz i loveeee you soo much baby

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omg amber your such a dork but i love you sooo much lolz....thats so gay mr laddato better not get fired...he is the coolest...he knows my grampa so i get away with so much shit.....he gives me passes when im late if he gets fired i will the moron who told mr vontee all that shit wtfffff ahhh im gunna kill some1 lolz...well im gunna go ttyl...mwauhz lyl p3ace
shuttup lenny or ill smack you with jayz banana lmaoooo haha jk iluu so ne who everyone at south lake has atleast one of my shirts/ paints omg! im ganna kill sum 1 no joke cause ur on coke .. lmao omg im soo tired. mr ladadoo wont be fired ill make a butition and have err1 sighn it. and everyone loves him so yeah hes not goin no where. i love him. thnx for the comment hunnn mwaaaz