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OoOoOo YeSh

keep it on tha low lmfao ..

                           okay today ... wooo

i didnt go to sleep till like 530 am lass nite, woke up around 6 lol ooo a half hour of sleep .. but i wasnt tired.

first hour ---_-|> Hmm we wached TO KILL A MOKING BIRD .. mann we wached that like 4 years ago already lol ... i hate that fuckin movie. so i put my head down and ended up fallin asleep.

second hour ----> hmm sat there and talked to danielle the whole time. me and jp were tryin to find a way to leave and go smoke. but we cuddnt so he played bbal with tha boyz.

third hour ---> HmMz .. LMFAO woo okay my ex bf roger is in that class and we dont talk no more, but its soo funny. he transfered to ma skool. and i didnt even know it was him. he didnt know it was me lol. but we dont talk, but we always find each other makin eye contact for like 10 minz .. hell smile and then ill smile and i look away like eww what a retart.. so then we played a game .. jerrod and pat were my partners who else duh lmao. and we kept loosing points because i was talking to myself ahaha .. jerrod stabbed me with his pencil and i bleeded. omg abuse. lol

lunch ----> left earlie to go smoke. wooo lol

fourth hour ---> matt wuddnt let me put my head down because he sed im faling and hes ganna beat me up. so then when he felll asleep i went to sleep. i woke up from pat garret matt and rob crowding my desk lol. screaming at each other.

fifth hour ----> hMmMz .. i dont remember lol .. me and miss k fought like always. i called kevin a crack baby. and i got an A on my test. thats all i remember lol i think im cool now.

sixth hour ---> joe waznt there so i juss did nothing lol

sevanth hour ---> miss P took attendance and then me and brittany left. we cut thru tha lunch room to get to tha parkin lott. and kevin and jp were in tha class across the court lmao .. so they opened tha window and thee like stop skippin amber .. lmao then they told me they were ganna follow us so we can go smoke. there like wait for us.. umm no we left lol.

then i came home... me and brittany were supposed to go to tha mall but i duno what happen .. i fell asleep. and she went with sony to chill .. i duno tho lol ..

tomorow im skippin tha last 4 hours of the day .. lol .. Hmmm Good Night yallllll



i love jessica kernya .. and i love nicole lennard .. and jessica briggs .. anddd ally and souvey .. and cayla .. and autum .. and brittany .. lol i hadda say that ... :) and i love you of cource


nooo not you .. you lmfaoooooooo *dont ask*

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