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g [26 May 2005|02:53am]
[ mood | curious ]



yOu KnOw yOu WaNna ToUcH Me [16 Apr 2004|06:50pm]
[ mood | horny ]

well im quit bored but thats okay lmfao

... hmm today me and mister martin talked about nurses and noodles .. or shall i say noodleinooz and nursanegrozinooos .. yeah .. :)

ne who stefaniee has a hot journal too .. <<< hot shejjt

imma update some more later .. but rite nowww i dunooo mwaa byee

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new lay out .. isnt it sho shexxii [15 Apr 2004|01:11am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

lol im sorry you cant see the entries below .. juss high light them and you can read it. its hard gettin a new lay out!*

*... i wanna new lay out with hot ass abercrombie models sum1 help me find them ...*

... ne who things have been so nasty flat out i been so pissed off and upset. listen to how fucked up this shit is

okay i spent tha night at my mommys lass nite. and i was about to take ma pills. there for like low blood sugar and shit. and i look at them, there almost done, i droped one and ma mom picked it up. shes like umm why are they yellow? im like i duno isnt that tha color they shudd be? shes like NO there supposed to be Blue, well i was only supposed to take 25 milla grams, they gave me 250 milla grams.

so we called a lawer, its a class A law suit im goin in on monday to talk to him about every thing. and were ganna sew the hell outta my pharmacy. and imma get all tha money. not no one else juss me.!. hahaa im happy. in a way. however i dont feel good. lol gee i wounder why. cudd it be I CUD BE DEAD RITE NOW!? ..

like wtf thats one thing you dont juss fuck up on like that. they sed i cudd be dead right now. seriousely

ne ways! i been real depressed im kinna upset and i dun even wanna talk bout it. ooo well rite? rite cause no one gives a fuck.

i like havin a journal because i like to write the way i feel in here. however some ppl. (* i wont say who she knows who she is *) is always like ur journal is ugly bro stop makin them so long. ur gay blah blah blah ... its like umm i dont have a journal in ma info for no reason you know!? im juss pissed.

... ugggghhhh .. i duno comment if you have some thin to say about this. or if u like tha new lay out. lemme knooooo ... mwaaa putaz

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awee shjett sonnn [09 Apr 2004|05:24am]
[ mood | crazy ]

aweeez ma fuckin arm juss gushed out blood for an hour .. isnt that HEALTHY? NO STFU


lmao i know i havent updated in awhile :( but heree im doin it now!! =]~

  okay i dun even memmber what day i left off on so imma juss start with ma lass day of in house that i had .. well it was wednessday! i went in and it was me kevin jeffory chrissay and gino .. we all got done with our work earlie so we juss talked the whole time and shit .. and she was in a good mood so yeah we cudd do w/e we wanted

so me and chrissay went to tha bathroom and smoked like 4 squares lmaoo..

me and kevin had a nice talk bout our mothers .. lol yeah pretty emotional right there im suprised he told me all of that .. it was deep i have alot of respect for him man

so then i went home and i didnt go to skoool friday (wich was yesterday) and insted me and ma sister lydiaa went and ran errands and i went easter shopping and got ma lil neice and ma lil brother some candy and an easter baskett ... and i gave steven (my lil bro) 40 dollars .. and i gave toria (ma neice) 40 as well .. so they shudd be happy there onlee little so 4o is a lot of moooolaa

shits been ruff man foreel .. me and anton havent talked for fuckin nights and i hate it it hurts me real bad but its for the best .. i find myself going to sleep crying and waking up with tears in my eyes. its like im never happy. with him and with out him ... doesnt matter im always crying

i needa get rid of him .. out my mind! i juss cant =[ but im trying real hard and i wont give up .. =]

yesterday me and my gramma got into a fight again because my mom was supposed to take me shopping and she went to my uncle mikes court trial insted .. so my grandma had a fit .. she was like you dont make promises and then brek em and i was like its not a big fuckin deal ill go with lydia mann .. so then ma grandma went off on me .. and blahh

so i got pissed .. but i went to sleep and i was fine.

today i woke up .. it was antons birthday .. i woke up and checked my away message .. he left me like 10 messgaes about how he loves me and misses me and what not .. so i call him and im like happy birthday .. and hes like i miss you i love u blah blah blah .. so im thinkin were str8 u know i was ganna work shit out with him ta nite .. but then i call him im like where u at hes like bout to chill with frankie nuculaj

so he chills with him im doin ma own things .. chillen with lydia and toria and jestininia and daniellea and were havin fun lol .. toria is soo fucking cute omg lol

so then i call anton .. frankie answers and he says

:we got pulled ova by tha cops call me back in 5 minz ..


im thinkin to ma self .. umm nooooo why wudd he answer if tha cops are right there i mean come on u know .. so im pissed as fuck ... i dun give a fuck wtf happen they dont have to lie to me

so then ..  i kept callin and they wuddnt answer so im thinkin imma get to tha fuckin bottom of this .. so my heart fells like its in a millian peices im crying like crazy im callin everyone pissed as fuck .. so then i call block and i pretned im melissa

frankie answers

frankie: in a quiet ass voice hes like who is this ..

me: i say melissa

frankie: aiight one minute

he hands anton tha phone

anton: says hello like there aint shit wrong ..

me: mother fucker u lier u didnt get pulled over this is amber you stupid mother fucker

anton: we are by tha cops i gotta go bye

 .. then he fuckin has tha NERVE to tell me he got pulled over and they SEARCHED his car and they hand cuffed him and put him in tha back ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

umm one they need a wearrent for that shit .. and they cant juss put u in tha back for no reason IN HAND CUFFS rofll .. thats NASTY he lied to me hes a discusting ass i hate him sooo bad

hes nasty as fuck if onlee people kneww i swear to god i wish i cudd put it in here LMFAOOO ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!~

so then he says soo much more shit thats nasty so i fuckin grabb my mirror thats on ma wall and i throw it across the room and it shatters .. well it broke and a giant asss peice of glass flys at my arm and stabbs me .. lmfaoo i fall on tha ground crying and screaminnnng .. blood was GUSHING it went on ma walls .. looks like i got murdered .. so i scream on tha top of ma lungs .. ma gramma walks in

she calls tha emergancy room to see wha we shudd do .. it stops bleeding so we juss bandage it up and let it chill .. its aiight now but its a BIG ASS DEEP fuckin cut wooowww lol

me and anton are done for good now .. were juss flat tha fuck out DONE i hate him soo bad i cudd KILLLLLLLLLLLLLL him

this is his fuckin birthday and i was here alone CRYING i wanted to make it special and shit .. but naa its str8 i juss gave his gift to ma grandpa .. tha thing i baught him was sooooo fucking nice HOLY SHIT me and lydia and jessica paied for it .. it was a fuckin cross chard it was gold with 3 diamonds in it .. with a chain .. tha chain was bad ass .. i saved for that shit too loll ..

oh well i dont even care no more .. im soo done right now


imma go eat some food and then go to sleep


good night peace



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blahhhhhhhhh [04 Apr 2004|12:43am]
[ mood | crushed ]

    this weekend was fun .. ill update with details later right now i juss wanna fuckin lay here and pretend im not even here anee more ...


                     we had family over today after mexican town and infront of all my aunts and uncles my grandma decided to scream at me and make me feel like shit. so i cried so hard. i cant even explaine how i felt when she said what she said to me. i wont even put it in here because it hurts soo bad.

                  then we came home and i was in my room cleaning all day because my nephew and niece decided to play in my room while i was gone lass nite.

           so when i got done cleaning i took a shower and juss got into some pajamaz and chilled around tha house and then my italian part of the family came over like every other sunday .. but this time sinse uncle mike is back in jail it was crazy here. its fucked up how he went back into jail .. and no matter what happens in court hes NEVER comming out .. he killed someone. theres no way out now. even though the guy deserved it like woah .. dont matter thats juss wrong. but whatever. alllll of my fucking uncles are goin to jail .

. uncle james *jimmy* uncle mike uncle jeff uncle dom uncle mario uncle antoneiooo i mean what is this. and what uncle james got charged with IS NOT what he did, i mean yeah he did kill someone but not what he was charged with at all

its us cristini'z i swear im not a cristini now but thats my last name before my mom got re married and i hadda change it. its a cute lass name i want it back lol.  anee who im really upset how could my fucking grandma juss be like that what a fuckin bitch.


 im ganna be real depressed these next few days cause i have to stay home. i wont even be able to see anton on his birthday .. and hes having a fucking hotel party with gurls there. wich makes me insaine. i cant stop crying. and my head hurts soo bad. that night im ganna go up north with my mom so i can get away from everything and imma get drunk with gatono *my fav cuzin* i duno how to spell his name lmfao some times i dont even know how to spell my own. but its GUY  TON OH .. lol so yeah.


 i cant wait till this summer. thats all i want is this summer. i cant even wait. ill never go anee where for this whole rest of the skool year but when summer comes wooo lol. i have soo meny plannz already. my grandma is goin up north april 30th lol and then im goin up north in summer. around june 14th .. skool gets out JUNE 10thhh IMMA BE COUNTING THE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..

       anee ways im going insaine. anton dont take me in public with him no where and i havent figured out why yet. is it because i look bad? cause i dont think i do. is it because he wants ppl tp think he has me in check? cause he dont. i dont really knoiw but it makes me feel like shit and its starting to seriousely make me loose introest in him. its like a TURN OFF really bad and it makes me siiick. some times i honestly HATE him.

 anee who imma go take a NAP .. peace


OoOoH FoRrEeL ---|> iM sOo HapPy =]~ mwaaa [01 Apr 2004|01:15am]
[ mood | excited ]

          fooo Shooo WiiiiD iiit Mwaaa


       alright heres how things are =]~ im soo happy i realized so meny things i was doing wrong, and i fixed them, and it turns out all along it was my fualt when i wasnt happy.

          okay today i stayed home from skool i was sooo sick omg wow lol i threw up like 12 times, i still dont feel good kinda. but ne who i woke up around 1230 and made some brek fast , toast with jelly. and then me and princess went and took a nap and wached uptown gurls. lol.

then i woke up around 3 and took princess to tha potty. lolz and then i juss came in my room and layed around wachin tv and talkin to marveta on tha phone. we made some plannz for this weekend.

me and anton are sooo happy rite now. i hope we stay this way forever. hes soo nice to me. if i juss stop thinking hes always cheating on me. and being sucha fuckin skitzo we get along fine. i juss love him soo much its fuckin crazy. we love each other soo much. we made plannz to go to tha fair this weekend. =]~ hes ganna take me. woo i hope my grandma lets me fuckin leave lollz.

tomorow im juss ganna scrubb it out. imma go to skool, come home and me and marveta are ganna go get a mystic tann. 5 volume lmfao i need a tan fast as fuck. then were ganna go get our hair did. mite get my nails done? i duno yet it dependz. then were ganan go to tha mall and go shopping. and then home hopefully earlie. cleannn and then chill around talkin to anton on tha phone. then saturday im ganna wake up go get my hair done and all that good shit. and then goin to tha fair. and maybe hopefully *ANTON* (incase hes reading this .. THIS IS A HINT) takes me out to eat and shit .. i duno. lol

yes indeed imma fat ass!! =]~ i dun give a fuQ lmao. yeah so now imma go clean and get ma shit ready for skool tomorow mwaaaaz (*tomorow is friday thank you jesus*)


 ... comment plez .. thank you


 stefanie .. meg ..  marveta .. kristi .. samantha =]~ i love you gurls to death ....



ooo and how cudd i forget JESSICA KURNYA!! mwaaa bebayyyy i love u soo much mwaaz

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EatiiN a BaGle aNd CreaM CheeSe MmMmMm... LmaOo [30 Mar 2004|08:43pm]
[ mood | content ]

aiiight i hope ur ready for this lmfaooo .. what a fuckin day

        kay yesterday and today i had in house.

 this am i woke up. straightined ma hair it came out sooo good omg lol it was all fluffy but soo str8 and shiney and no frizzies. and i wore my grey sweat paint capries that say abercrambie on tha ass they have hot pink and white letters and hot pink line goin down tha legg. so i wore a tight white shirt kinda loose. with a hot pink glittery A on it bu tha shoulder. with my hot pink play boy flip flopz and a hot pink bandana arcoss my head like a head band lol. i looked pretty cute. like scrubbed out cute lolz

 so then i get to skool. go get brekfast jp gamme a ciggerett i smoked it with cayla and christin and went to in house. things were str8 till after lunch me and christin were talkin bout walkin outta class cause she wuddnt let us piss.

so christin and i were in one of tha rolly chairs, and she starts rolling twords the doors. shes screaming bye bye bye bye bye bye LMFAOO and then she leavess shes running and SCREAMING lmfao. so then i grabb my purse and im standin by the door miss bishoff comes back im like omg how cudd she juss do that like that? and then i runnn.. but im smart i took tha elevator. ahaha.

so then i catch up with her in tha hall ways we go in tha bathroom and smoke a square. i was showin her my toes and nails lol. i got em done. tha polish color is silver realll cute. tha big toe has a pink star lol. im gettin my nose peirced. AHH!! im scared wish me luckkk.

then we came out and mister ladodddoo tha G teacher was standin there he took us to tha office and then he was like juss go to tha office. and told him we didnt do anee thing wrong so every thing was str88.

christin got another in house because she was bein stupid lmaoo i love her omg. lmfaoooo everyone was laughing.

then we go back and im laughin in tha back with jp. and she comes to my seat and pulls me outta my chair and i hit her. i get sent back down. anther in house 4 me on wednessday =[ GRRRRR

mister ladadoo mite be gettin fired =[ =[ =[ =[ omg illl cryyyy so hard lol seriousely shes tha fuckin shejjjjt

so then i got home juss now im bout to go take a nap i look so dam cute lol i dont wanna mess up ma hair but shejjjjt i need sleep. dam julez we love u lmfao dont ask wooo whatta day. chillen bout to go to sleep mwaaz


**** Make sure you comment plez if you love me u will **** to read them clock the number next to tha MmMmM at tha


i love anton gjonaj omgg i love u baby thank you for puttin up with all tha shit i do and still lovin you mwaaaz i loveeee you soo much baby

                                                                                            |||||below here|||||

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3Lw - Is yOu FeeLiiN Me [28 Mar 2004|06:44am]
[ mood | crushed ]

OoOkay HeReZ tHa FucKiN sHeJt

             .. Tha WeeKeNd WaZ RelLe FuN HeHe ..


                    woke up saturday and cleaned .. got ready, meg came and got me ( i love her ) and then we went to darkoz party! i had fun i drank .. lmao but then this bitch showed up ahahah .. i went siiick wooo.. stefanie came to the couch to tell me she wudd be back in a lil cause that whore was outside lmfaoo and i jumped up im like ooo shit where .. shes like wowww chill out lmfao. me her and mel went up there. i was screaming where is this bitch att.. i didnt even knoe wha she looked like .. im juss goin sick.

            cuddnt find her. i sat down on the couch and talked to simon the whole time. and smoked a few squares .. to bad goose kept stealin my ciggz . lmao he kept loookin at me and goin heinikan .. heiniken .. im like ugh are u okay man? rofl .. so then some other guy sat next to me. duno his name but he was cute. lol

               we chilled at that party for about 5 hours i think .. then anton showed up madd as fuck. simon walked me upstairs and tried helpin me find my coat. so i left . 

          so then . i went with anton and we had a good time. he opended doors 4 me and shit. we cuddnt stop kissing lol hes cuteee as hell.

               then back to stefanies chilled and talked to her mom. omg her mom is the shit lmaoo. then i was soo tired i went in stefanies room and fell asleep. i was thinkin about soo meny things while i was layin down. about anton .. about the party .. about hmm alot .. i dunoooo

                 for some reason i feel heart broken ... i duno what it is. i feel like i miss some thing. i dont even know wtf it is.

                        maybe its cause i left my clothes in megz car rofl

           No thats not it .. i dunoooo

                                                so yeah then this AM i woke up

 me and stefanie ate some cerial. and then nick came ova .. me and peter faught because hes a meanie. hes funny tho lol cool kid. her family is G .. lolz

             then danny stopped by .. duno what that was about ..

      then nick came over and chilled with us for a lil bit.

                             then julie came over we got ready and here i am today lol

 tomorow im goin shoppin with danielle =]



 i love stefanie .. shes tha best fucking person i swear to god. shes soo nice i can talk to her bout nee thing and shez juss tha best mann .. i feel compfortable around her like shes a real person not one of them fake bitchez . and i always have fun with her

 and simon has a sexxii asss lmaoo << inside joke with stefanie ..

oo and goose is a molester .. and he can onlee fuck his 10 year old gf for 12 minz lmfaoo ( were juss kidding guys dont get mad lol)




 im sooo sick of how some ppl juss change over time. i wont say no names (there guys) .. its juss funny. i cant stand it. why duz this always happen to me?



 fuck it ..



                       my feelings are so mixed up .. i cant even say what happen and why it happen .. its juss changed .. dont mean i gotta change who i am tho.



                .. no matter what always stay tha fuckin same. dont change ova gay shit




                                       my mommy always told me that =[

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CruSheD AnD CoNfuSeD [28 Mar 2004|06:41am]
U Usher Lyrics Burn
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by Usher

Album :
Submitted by : cait318
Corrected by :
Rated : 9.4 (127 votes)

i dont understand.. why...
see it's burnin me to hold on to this
i know this is somethin i gotta do
that don't mean i want to
what im tryna say is that i.. love you
i just.. i feel like this is comin to an end
and it's better for me to let it go now
than hold on and hurt you..
i gotta let it burn

it's gonna burn for me to say this
it's comin from my heart
it's been a long time comin
but we done been fell apart
you wanna work this out
but i dont think your gonna change
i do but u dont
think its best that we go our seperate ways
tell me why i should stay in this relationship
when im hurtin baby.. i aint happy baby
plus there's so many other things i gotta do
i think that you should.. let it burn


when the feelin aint the same in your body
they want to but you know
you gotta let it go 
cuz the part of you
aint feelin like it use to
let it burn let it burn let it burn (gotta let it burn)
deep down you know its best we stop
but you hate the thought of her being
with someone else but you know that its over
you know that its true
let it burn let it burn let it burn (gotta let it burn)

im not supposed to
got somebody here 
but i want you
cuz the feelin aint the same
by myself callin her.. your name
maybe it's time you understand
now all my fellas do u feel my pain
it's the way i feel
i knew i made a mistake
now it's too late
i know she aint comin back
what i gotta do now
to get my shorty back (ooo oo oo)
man i dont know what im gonna do 
without my boo (ooo)
she been gone for too long
its been 50 11 days
um-teen hours
ima be burnin till you return


im twisted cuz one side of me 
is telling me that i need to move on
on the other side i
wanna break down and cry oooo
im twisted cuz one side of me 
is telling me that i need to move on
on the other side i
wanna break down and cry

oooo ooo ooo oo oo oo 
oooo ooo ooo oo 
(can ya feel it burnin)
oooo ooo ooo oo oo oo

too many days
so many hours
im still burnin till u return


[26 Mar 2004|06:44am]

XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: my name betta be in ur away
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: or else imma sqush u up like i juss did to that bee .. aiight fuckin po po chee ku ku shitt
ALBOZ 4 EVA 1: woww

Auto response from XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: phone with ma babyyy mwaa i love u antonnn

XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: hmm .. imma be waiting 4 that away
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: i aint callin till i see it
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: ;-)
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: mwaaaaaaaaaaaa
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: hurry up plez
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: bye
ALBOZ 4 EVA 1: chill mann
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: i am
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: im waitin for you tho juss so u know
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: aight fuck it
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: ur obviosuly talkin to someone else online
ALBOZ 4 EVA 1: woww
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: waitin for her to get off
ALBOZ 4 EVA 1: chillll
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: so im goin to bed
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: peace
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: have a good night
ALBOZ 4 EVA 1: woww
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: yo were ova
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: juss dont im me no more
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: have fun talkin to lorraine
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: peace
ALBOZ 4 EVA 1 is away at 6:08:14 AM.

Auto response from ALBOZ 4 EVA 1: on da phone wit amber hurry up n' call

XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: sooo umm
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: u can take that shit out
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: ur makin ur self loook bad
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: i aint call u
ALBOZ 4 EVA 1 returned at 6:08:41 AM.
ALBOZ 4 EVA 1: whattttttttttttttttt
ALBOZ 4 EVA 1: whattttttttttttt
ALBOZ 4 EVA 1: whatttttttttttttt
ALBOZ 4 EVA 1: whatttttttttttttttt
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: peace
ALBOZ 4 EVA 1: what


wow do u notice how all he says is wow and what? .. he dont even give a fuck i hadda fuckin wait about an hour for him to put up that away message because i know he was t alkin to someone else or else it wudda been up faster .. so i dun even know thats our life thats how it is every single fuckin day

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rofll me and lisas funny ass convo roflll [26 Mar 2004|06:23am]
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: that bee is scarin me bro i aint sleepin in ma room ta nite
aLLEyEzZ 0nL iSa: rofll reallyy
aLLEyEzZ 0nL iSa: lmaoo kuku
aLLEyEzZ 0nL iSa: i wud be so scared tho
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: i duno where tha fuck it went
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: thats tha scary ass part
aLLEyEzZ 0nL iSa: i knowww
aLLEyEzZ 0nL iSa: then it can come out of no where
aLLEyEzZ 0nL iSa: lol
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: i know mann
aLLEyEzZ 0nL iSa: i wud be so fuckin scared im scared of everyyyy bug or animail man
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: holy shit that reminds me
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: one time i was at tha fuckin zoo rofl
aLLEyEzZ 0nL iSa: rofl
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: i was juss chillen it was a field trip in fuckin 5th grade
aLLEyEzZ 0nL iSa: yea lmao
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: i was by tha place where them monkey ass gorilla things are .. bro this gorilla hated me for soem reason
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: it came up to tha glass and went sick'
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: it was hittin tha window
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: screaming
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: i was soo scared
aLLEyEzZ 0nL iSa: wtffffffffffffffffff
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: i ran
aLLEyEzZ 0nL iSa: lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooo
aLLEyEzZ 0nL iSa: lmaooooooooo dekaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: holy shit u have no idea
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: it was soo scarey
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: i was crying
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: i almost shit ma self
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: it was like throwing rocks at me
aLLEyEzZ 0nL iSa: lmaooooooo kukuu
aLLEyEzZ 0nL iSa: those things can fucking kill u man
aLLEyEzZ 0nL iSa: lmao
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: i knoww
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: and not to mention i got attacked by a humming bird bro
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: tha SAME DAY
aLLEyEzZ 0nL iSa: r u fuckin seriouss lmfaoooo
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: yes bro
aLLEyEzZ 0nL iSa: y do animails hate u
aLLEyEzZ 0nL iSa: rofllllllll
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: it was in ma hair
aLLEyEzZ 0nL iSa: lmaoooo omgg
aLLEyEzZ 0nL iSa: rofl i swear
aLLEyEzZ 0nL iSa: rofllllllllllll
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: fuck man thats goin in ma info rofl
aLLEyEzZ 0nL iSa: lmfaoooooooo aightt
aLLEyEzZ 0nL iSa: its fuckin funnyy lmao

NuMb [25 Mar 2004|02:56am]
[ mood | crushed ]

                                         LIFE ISNT GOOD.

              someone please telll me why my life is falling apart?.. i cant understand the   things i see infront of me. i dont want what i got no more.

            woke up with my eyes soaked. i had the worse night mear about me and anton. and the funny thing is its true. so then i got in the shower and did my make up real cute. did my hair. got dressed. sarah came and picked me up and we went to school.

                    then first hour i slept the whole time. then when i woke up jerrod came and talked to me. im glad that when i come to school i can atleast smile once. theres always jerrod. everyone thinks i like him lol. but i dont hes just the only person who takes some stress off my back when i need it off.

                   second hour we had wieght training lmao oo you bess belive i was the strongest chick in there man. seriously i was pickin up 230 with my leggs. lol ooo baby im strong lol. i left earlie and went in the bathroom to cry. im just not happy.

                 on the way to third hour i was walking down the hall with brittany and we were talking. and jacquel and willie thought it was sooo funny to piss me off. so they kept walking infront of me so i cuddnt get to class on time. so i got pissed and i screamed get tha fuck outta my way u fat mother fucker. and he turned around and punched brittany and she fell on the ground.

                    So then i was like fuck you mother fucker and i punched him in his face. i heard his jaw pop and ecko through the halls. he punched me in tha back 4 times. gave me a bloody lip. pulled my hair and knocked me into the wall. and i was crying. hes a 230 pound blk guy. hes 1000 times stronger then me. and yeah i can take anee gurl i want. but hes a fucking guy. im not ganna sit here and say im ganna beat his ass. hes a fucking guy.

                     so then when i was walking away i was screaming shit at him. and i was crying soo hard. and he grabbed my arm and stuck his nails into my arm. and i was bleeding some more. so i went into the bathroom crying. screaming hitting the stalls. and brittany gave me a square cause i needed one. well miss B came in and caught me. she told on me and i got in trouble. got a fucking smoking ticket.

                went back to class. roger kept being so gay. i wasnt in the mood. jerrod wasnt in class. and pat was across the room.

                       lunch time i cried agen. went in the bathroom juss layed there on the sink crying. i was sooo upset

                 fourth hour. matt was suspended. no one was in class. i went to sleep.

                fifth hour - sleep

                             sixth hour - sleep

                                             seventh hour - bounced with brittany and we went to her house. me her and her brother chilled. smoked a fatty. then we ate some pizza and then brandon came and picked us up. we went to joels house in chesterfield. we walked out to the water and went out to the deck walked all the way out. omfg soooo pretty. reminded me of florida soo much. then we drove around for a lil. went home around 8

            i dont even know what there is to say. me and anton are falling apart. theres no more feeling to feel. i juss wanna die. i wanna get away from him. he tears me apart peice by peice. and i just cant take it .. i dont deserve it. i called him juiss to tell him im home and i miss him soo much. he wuddnt say i love you. and he was in a hurry to get off the phone with me.

                      then i called him and told him im going to bed ... he said okay bye .. hung up on me while i was in the middle of still talking. now i lay here numb and upset. my face is hot from crying., and my face is all wet. theres mascara on my pillows. and all over my cheecks. ive been crying all day.

                   it hurts soooo bad because when he comes home hes ganna make me all happy again. then tomorow hell go back to making me sad. he onlee makes me happy when hes alone. when he has no one else to talk to. he uses me ... i cant take it no more


hell see some day what hes missing out on .. im toooooooooooooo goood 4 him.

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ALBOZ 4 EVA 1 returned at 2:39:19 AM.
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: hi?
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: umm guess u werent ganna im me
XbOdAcIoUsCuTiEx: aiight peace then'
ALBOZ 4 EVA 1: Hol up
ALBOZ 4 EVA 1 signed off at 2:41:00 AM.



                   im just                                 H.U.R.T.


OoOoOo YeSh [24 Mar 2004|04:45am]
[ mood | dorky ]

keep it on tha low lmfao ..

                           okay today ... wooo

i didnt go to sleep till like 530 am lass nite, woke up around 6 lol ooo a half hour of sleep .. but i wasnt tired.

first hour ---_-|> Hmm we wached TO KILL A MOKING BIRD .. mann we wached that like 4 years ago already lol ... i hate that fuckin movie. so i put my head down and ended up fallin asleep.

second hour ----> hmm sat there and talked to danielle the whole time. me and jp were tryin to find a way to leave and go smoke. but we cuddnt so he played bbal with tha boyz.

third hour ---> HmMz .. LMFAO woo okay my ex bf roger is in that class and we dont talk no more, but its soo funny. he transfered to ma skool. and i didnt even know it was him. he didnt know it was me lol. but we dont talk, but we always find each other makin eye contact for like 10 minz .. hell smile and then ill smile and i look away like eww what a retart.. so then we played a game .. jerrod and pat were my partners who else duh lmao. and we kept loosing points because i was talking to myself ahaha .. jerrod stabbed me with his pencil and i bleeded. omg abuse. lol

lunch ----> left earlie to go smoke. wooo lol

fourth hour ---> matt wuddnt let me put my head down because he sed im faling and hes ganna beat me up. so then when he felll asleep i went to sleep. i woke up from pat garret matt and rob crowding my desk lol. screaming at each other.

fifth hour ----> hMmMz .. i dont remember lol .. me and miss k fought like always. i called kevin a crack baby. and i got an A on my test. thats all i remember lol i think im cool now.

sixth hour ---> joe waznt there so i juss did nothing lol

sevanth hour ---> miss P took attendance and then me and brittany left. we cut thru tha lunch room to get to tha parkin lott. and kevin and jp were in tha class across the court lmao .. so they opened tha window and thee like stop skippin amber .. lmao then they told me they were ganna follow us so we can go smoke. there like wait for us.. umm no we left lol.

then i came home... me and brittany were supposed to go to tha mall but i duno what happen .. i fell asleep. and she went with sony to chill .. i duno tho lol ..

tomorow im skippin tha last 4 hours of the day .. lol .. Hmmm Good Night yallllll



i love jessica kernya .. and i love nicole lennard .. and jessica briggs .. anddd ally and souvey .. and cayla .. and autum .. and brittany .. lol i hadda say that ... :) and i love you of cource


nooo not you .. you lmfaoooooooo *dont ask*


ma song [24 Mar 2004|04:38am]

I Don't Wanna Know (F/ P Diddy)

by Mario Winans

Album :
Submitted by : Beth
Corrected by :
Rated : 9.6 (30 votes)

Somebody said they saw you
The person you were kissing wasn't me
And I would never ask you
I just kept it to myself

I don't wanna know
If your playin me, keep it on the low
Cause my heart can't take it anymore
And if your creepin, please don't let it show
Oh baby, I don't wanna know

Oh baby
I think about it when I hold you
When lookin' in your eyes, I can't believe
I don't mean to know the truth
Baby keep it to yourself


Baby taught you better then me (taught you better then me)
Then why you fall asleep (why you fall asleep)
Shove 'em off and stay, what you used to do to me (do to me baby)
If your better off that way (better off that way)
Baby what I like to say (all that I can say)
Go on and do your thing and don't come back to me
(Stay away from me baby)

I don't wanna know where your whereabouts or how you movin
I know when you in the house or when you cruisin
It's been proven, my love you abusin
I can't understand, how a man got you choosin (yeah)
Undecided, I came and provided ma
My undivided, you came and denied it (why?)
Don't even try it, I know when you lyin (I know when you lyin)
Don't even do that, I know why you cryin (stop cryin)
I'm not applyin no pressure, just wanna let you know
That I don't wanna let you go (I don't wanna let you go)
And I don't wanna let you leave
Can't say I didn't let you breathe
Gave you extra cheese (c'mon), put you in the SUV
You wanted ice so I made you freeze
Made you hot like the West Indies (that's right)
Now it's time you invest in me
Cause if not then it's best you leave
Holla, yeah


If your playin me, keep it on the low
Cause my heart can't take it anymore
And if your creepin, please don't let it show
Oh baby, I don't wanna know

If your playin me, keep it on the low
Cause my heart can't take it anymore
And if your creepin, please don't let it show
Oh baby, I don't wanna know

alicia keys - if i aint got you << gives me chills lol [23 Mar 2004|04:03am]
[ mood | blah ]


      okay lately things have been madd crazy with me i swear its soo wierd ..


okay first of all .. why do people who dont like me cause im a shit talker and lier .. look at ma journal? .. sweety dont worry your name isnt in here .. ull never be good enuff for that sorry .. and trust me i dont think about you at all .. so dont worry about that .. im over you now .. u aint shit to me no more... no one likes you anymore ..

okay lately ive been questioning who are my real friends .. today in school i was in the bathroom, and i was smokin a square all by ma self and i juss started busting out crying. i dont know where i stand .. i dont even know who i am anymore ... its soo hard for me to stand up straight when i have so much bringing me down. i was in there for the whole hour juss crying. thinking about everything. i cant stand my "friends"

everyone knows my fuckin aunt julie and ma uncle .. and for some reason they think because there nice and they sell pot to them and shit that they can juss go and tell them whatever they feel about me. cayla asked my uncle if i had any weed on me. wtf is that? if i asked her mom if she had weed .. i dont think she wudd be too happy.

then tha whole brittany thing .. .now i hear that chrissay and mark were up at seven elevan and seen ma uncle and were like oo ur ambers uncle shes a cool ass girl .. i smoked with her last week. .. wtf? .. i mean im to the pointe now where i dont even care no more .. whatever right?

and then i have this like gap inside of me ... every now and then ill start thinkin about how things were when i lived with my daddy .. and my little brother. i think about how whenever i was upset my dad would come and talk to me. we would stay up soo late juss talking. and i remember whenever i was sick, he acted like it was the end of the world. lol he would always be there .. now that hes gone, im realizing what its like to have to take care of myself. and its soo hard. and some times i feel like calling him. but i know it wont matter.

its hard for me. im not used to this at all. and i miss him soo much. i have this emty feeling .. its like im ALONE .. litterally ..

and i feel bad for anton, because he has to put up with me. i love him soo much, this might sound wierd .. but seriousely sinse my dad is gone i need some type of guy to take care of me. so anton fills that gap some what. and thats why i get so scared of loosing him. because if i loose him too, i dont know what ill do. and when he hurts me, it hurts soo much worse because i think about everything all at once.

and i had the worse childhood ever with my mother. so when it comes to trust .. i have issues, i cant trust anyone, i trusted my mom. i really did, but she never came through, and i trusted my dad more then anyone .. and he juss threw me out .. put me away .. like i was nothing to him. he didnt even say good bye to me.

i guess whenever some thing bothers me... it alll comes back to me. and its okay to cry .. its okay to feel sad. if i didnt feel sad, then there would be some thing wrong. but it juss hurts soo much.

i have lenny .. B .. And jessica K .. thats all .. there the only ones i know who really care about me.

and i love anton soo much, hes always here for me .. thats why i cant let him go. no one understands, they always tell me, well leave him if he treats you bad. but they dont see what i see. they dont feel what i feel about him. he doesnt treat me bad. hes here for me. when everything is bad. hes there. he makes me laugh when i cry. and thats what i need. ive always needed that.

i have this dam jewlery box lol .. it says to my little girl love daddy. my dad got it for me on my birthday when i was little. when i opened it he was sooo happy. it took him soo much thought in that gift. and when ever i look at it i cry lol .. damm that jewlery box .. i wanna throw it ..

i dont even know any more ...

and now .. i slept alll day im not even tired, and i need someone to talk to, i was soo happy thinkin i wudd talk to anton, we always talk at night for hours .. and suddenly he dont wanna talk at night no more, and we cuddnt talk all day because he was bussy .. so its like we havent really talked all day. o dont know what that means. .. is that bad .. am i looosing him .. what if he dont wanna talk to me because he had a good enufff day with someone else ... its driving me crazy .. but i have too much on my mind ..


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ThIs Is a GoOd OraNgE dawG [22 Mar 2004|04:02am]
[ mood | bouncy ]



JuSs waNna ThaNk SaMaNtHa FoLaN FoR HeLpiiNg Me MaKe My JoUrNaL bEaUtiFuLe =]~ ... YeaH sO Ne WaYs


-- things have beeen aiight around the house, my grandma has been very Nice to me ...

today at skool was gay i guess ...


first hour --- gay! troy (hes my bi polor friend) he must be takin his meds cause today he was super nice. lol ... we did some gay poems and then i fell asleep

second hour -- juss talked to brock and danielle the whole time. and sophia made me walk with her back to tha locker room to get her shoes because she wanted to see MATT lmao

third hour --  lol funny!! as soon as i came in i walked in late, and mr lamdon was talking about how no one is ever on time, and hes like so when you guys come to skool - come on time, and then i was like hii mt lamdon, hes like theres a good example lol . then i sat down and i kept turning around and talkin to vanessa and jerrod. jerrod was mad at me today i duno wtf i did.

fourth hour *well lunch* -- me and cayla and alana got caught smokin in tha bathroom lol .. alana is the one who beat the living fuck outta danielle doorcheck lmfao. that was a good ass fight too. i was buyin a slushie i turn around. alana has on her hood, she jumps outta her chair and starts throwin madd punches at danielle, danielle got knocked out, she woke up and goes who punched me lmfao .. her head was bleeding. rofl during that fight EVERY BODY was over there .. i look ova at tha door kevins walkin out with like everyones food roflll im like wtf

Fourth Hour -- matt likes vanessa ahaha. cute shit. lmao i fell asleep matt kept pullin ma hair and wakin me up. GRRR! ..

fifth hour- same as always. me kevin and jerrod make fun of miss kurtinitis. rofl jerrod asked her if she was a lezbian ahaha. funny shit

sixth hour - omg i hate joe coz and jacquel .. they fuckin made me get an in house, because they kept turning my volume up real loud so u cudd hear my music. GRR

sevanth hour - omg we had that one fucked up sub rofl MISTER ENGELBRINK ahhahaha .. so he took attendance and then me brittany and chrissay left .. he didnt even see us leave. we went to conga to get some shit to drink and smoke a square. i had a rasberry mocha good shit lol. then keith came in * juss so everyone knows heres what keith looks like*

                     hmm .. about 400 pounds, bushy uni brow and hes gay so he has that gurly voice. and he stuttters

so he gets picked on alot wich i personaly think is bull shit fuck them ppl man .. i get mad when ppl pick on him thats mean as hell. so he came in crying. were like why arent u in skool? he started crying hes like jessie dardinii is making fun of me . she drew a picture of me. and it was mean. he showed us the picture, it was fucking mean as hell.

so i was already pissed because of what tha fuck happen yesterday, so i seen jessie come walkin in with her friends, she was laughing at keith like hey fat ass come here. i looked at her, i gave her tha evilsttt look ever, she almost shit herself . cause everyone knows me. im crazy

so i walk up to her and her gurls i go listen u ugly ass bitch, juss because u found someone who mite look a lil worse then you. don tmean u needa fuckin pick on him. shes like well umm .. i go NO shut the fuck up. i dont care about ur fuckin side of the story. keith looks a millian times better then ur uglyy ass so u need to shut the fuck up. she aint say shit i was like aiight bitch do u understand me? shes like yeaaa sorry. then her gurls look at me .. im like same goes with u. then im bout to walk out and she was like hey can i ask u some thin? i go nooo im str8 and i took my hot ass coffe . took off tha lid and threw it right in her face and walked away. lmfaoo chrissay and brittany were diein ahaha

so then i get back to skool ... guess who fuckin asks me to go smoke with her? brittany .. i go listen u fuckin skantless bitch ive had it with all u whores. think ur tha fuckin shit because ur boyfriends are up ur ass. (because her boyfriend used to treat her like shit, and now she fucks him every day and they get along) she had tha nerve to say to my aunt that anton dont love me. i go listen to me. its whores like u that have to get in ma business. u think ur bf loves u? ahaha NO BITCH he mite be confused and be more obsessed with you, but its not because of ur looks . its nothin but the fact that u have to fuck him to make him stay with you. and then i go dont talk to me ever in ur fucking life cause ill kill u. i was like and dont talk shit to julie no more cause shes ganna kick ur ass if u say one more word about me

and then i walked away. and she had tears in her eyes . lmfaoo i told jp about what she did to me. hes like ill go kick that gurls ass want me to lmfaoo im like no jp please dont .. lmfao hes sooo stupid. and we were wachin a movie about throat cancer i thought of jp ahaha . because he always fuckin coughs up blood .. he shuddnt be smokin newports mann imma smack him lol.

his sister stefanie is tha shit i love her

... ne ways then i came home and anton made me happy ... then i fell asleep. ma grandma woke me up, she bought me taco bell, and she also bought me tha hair gel i wanted from tha beauty supply store and she also got me some more LOVE SPELL from victoria secret wich is good because i was runnin out i loveee that shit mann . lol and she got me some pink shorts from victoria secret and some more things lol.


now imma go call ma baby... mwaa peacee



ahaaa [21 Mar 2004|01:35am]
[ mood | angry ]

oooo boy what a nother fuckin lovely fuckin day in ma fucked up fuckin life ...


.. well first i was at ma fuckin aunts house and tha first fucked up thing that happen was .. as soon as i walk in ma auntz givin me tha fuckin eye .. i take her into a room and im like listen why u lookin at me like that wtf is goin on? is everything okay? shes like noo u needa check brittany shes talkin madd shit about u .. she told me everything u fuckin say at skool ( nothin bout anee one juss bout how much weed i smoke and what not )

so then .. i come home pissed as fuck .. brekin shiiit all ova ma house .. then i come online .. after everything and someone imz me .. no names cause its not important and says why u talkin shit ur a fuckin liear anton dont like u .. he never duz .. duz it occur to u .. and u know what there right .. anton dont give a fuck about me .. so guess what HES OUTA THA PICTURE .. im done i swore to him on my life im dont with him so now i cant go back to him .. but i got plannz for ma self anee ways .. it mite be a few weeks but imma be outta this world .. no one will have to worry no more

... she told me someone i was with ova tha weeekend sed i was ganna stabb her and her bf .. umm i dont paticualurally remember saying that .. i was also kinna fuckin buzzed a lil .. and im on BIRTH CONTROL AND PROZACK it says on tha fuckin bottolz .. DO NOT SMOKE .. i smoke all tha time .. i passed out at skool everyone at skool knows that .. they seen me layin there on tha fuckin floor with blood commin outta ma mouth .. jp did once too ..

so then .. i fuckin am thinkin to ma self .. fuck friends i dont need no fuckin friends ... so now i got no mann .. and no fuckin friends .. because I DONT WANT NONE... i told all ma fuckin gurls to give me ma shit back .. all they dooo is talk shit sooo im done .. they can all SUCK MA FUCKIN ASS .. im doneeeeee with everyoneesss shit ..

i dont give a fuck no moree .. everyone fucked me ova in tha passed week so im done .. tha fuckin person i am .. i never talk shit about them and some how i end up gettin put on tha fuckin spot .. suddenly im tha fuckin lier .. suddenly i TALK SHIT AND DENY IT .. its soo funny tho how ma first fuckin night chillen with this chick and she goes and duz this shit to me .. and i never spoke a bad about her sinse we got str88 .. i told everyone how fuckin pretty she was .. ASK ANTON .. ASK .. naaa u knwo whaaa .. wtf duz it matter anee more .. fuck askin around iif u fuckin belive bad things bout me .. belive themm .. cause i gave up .. u mite think u guys won cause i fuckin gave up .. whatever

in tha end .. theres no such things as true gurls .. nice bfs anee one wants to admit it or not .. ur all fucked up in tha head .. its this fucked up world we fuckin live in ... but i WON cause i aint ganna be here much fuckin longer ... so say wha u want .. do wha u want .. do whatever u fuckin need to feel better .. talk away about what a fuckin bitch i am .. even after i fuckin droped this shit and gave up i bet right now alll u fuckin ppl are immin eachother havin nice lil fuckin convoz bout how i talk shit and im a fuckin whore .. im white .. i aint shit .. u wanna kick ma fuckin ass .. let me guess .. im a lier .. shit talker .... do that shit .. obviously to talk about that .. it makes ur fucking dayyyz go by a little fuckin easier .. so go ahead



peaceeee .. dont fuckin opologize to me anee one .. i dun a fuck if u aint even do shit to me .. i dun giva fuckkkkkkkkk anee more .. wach me at skool tomorow i aint talkin to no one .. i got 1 person i can talk to .. JESSICA FUCKIN BRIGGS .. because shes tha REALEST fuckin person that i know of .. and shes in tha same fuckin posistion i am in .... peaceeee tha fuck out



b fuckin koool

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i dun give a fuQ [20 Mar 2004|07:17am]
[ mood | ahaha yes i am horny fuckersss ]


   haha .. aiight today was gay as fuQ

Lass nite -- aiight me and marveta went to stefanies house we chilled there for a lil and MEG came ova shes really fuckin sweet omgg i love her. then we went to club mobil (*anton wuddnt come see me so fuQ him*) . and as soon as i get out tha fuckin car with marveta every fuckin guy came ova there .. it started gettin nasty of them ..


so i was standiin outside with everyone juss talkin and shit .. and some andre guy was like ayy gurl .. then they asked stefanie wha ma name was .. so they were like AMBERR come here .. ahaha so i walk ova there im like may i help u? .. there like ayy wassup cutiee u got a man? .. im like umm yeah anton gjonaj .. they were laughin im like ooo im sorry i think ur muffler is fallin off ur car dawgg ..

they stopped laughin .. ahaha .. and then anton kept drivin by lookin at us .. but not commin to see me .. he got pissed told me hes callin up some chicks .. so w.e ..

ahaha it was coldd and these guys were givin me a lighter ... so i sit in tha fuckin car with tha door open still jus to light ma cigg.. and they fuckin slamm tha dooor .. lock it .. and DRIVE AWAY ROFLL .. at this pointe im laughin ma ass off .. thinkin woww if they touch me imma kill them... then i realize theres 4 of them and one of me .. so i get all scared and shit .. but i know they wont do shit .. SOo they pull into this park and its al dark and emty .. there like well run a train if u want .. or well juss do it one by one? .. is that good? im like ughh u betta take me backk . .there like naa its okay .. im like umm no its not okay

andre (the driver) is touchin on ma theighs and tryina fuckin touch me and shit .. im like ughh take me back NOWW or imma brek some nex.. they start laughin .. im like naa im seriouse lol .. im like mann take me back ill hook u up with some weed .. there like aiight .. so they take me back to tha gas stationn .. they CALL anton .. i dunoo wtf they were thinkin...

i come back .. tha doors are still locked mann .. andre is still tryina get with me and shit .. omgg im like leamme alone dawgg ur nasty fuckers ..

soo then stefanie comes and SAVES THA FUCKIN DAY ahah .. she saved me mann . thank god shes a pimp or i wudd still be in that car .. so then i fuckin went to tha car .. MORE GUYS holla .. im like GO AWAY .. so at this pointe i get into tha fuckin car .. im in tha passanger side .. marveta got in tha drivers side .. they pulled up next to us .. there STILL tryiina fuckin holla .. were both like mann get lost ..

suddenly LMFAOO . tha outha gurls get there .. lynne simone luaren and i duno who else i 4 got .. and then we chiiil for a little and then we go back to stefanies .. all them fuckin gurls are sooo pretty =] madd props to stefanie .. shes gorgeousee i swear =]~ .. i got to get on her back she gamme a piggy back ride hehe.. im special .. be jeleouzz

and thenn .. we were all dancin in her base ment lolz .. luaren and simone went to get some food .. offered us some .. but me and marveta left .. came home and lydida came ova .. she spent tha nite ..

then this morning .. i woke up cleaned and ma purta rican side of tha famiily came ova and then we went to mexiiican town juss like we do every weekend .. and i learned how to salsa .. ahaha it was soo funny omgg .. i ate sooo much .. i had some churros .. sopapieas .. quasadias .. triotto .. omg i ate alot lol ... then i had some cookies lol from tha bakery ..

then i came home .. and did NOTHING lol ..

tomorow- goin to ma cuzins house in roseville for his bday party .. and then imma prolly go to vetaz sinse she lives around tha block from there =]~ and umm thats bout it .. imma go tanning every day this week so i can super fuckin tann ..


haha ..


me and anton still aint togeatha .. juss so ya know



mwaaaZz .. madd propz to everyone .. stefanie simone .. luaren .. lynne .. and meg iluu gurlz




What a Excllent day <3 [17 Mar 2004|04:37am]
[ mood | ditzy ]

ookay lemme fuckin juss tell u how wierd and funny ma day was ....


kay .. first hour i walk in and layed down and went to sleep jerrod and kevin come ova there and wake me up . i go jerrod i aint got no fuckin ciggeretts mann .. hes like that aint whaa i came ova here 4 damm i juss wanna talk to u.. im like oo ma bad lol

so then we talk .. he goes back to his seat and i go to sleep .. wake up bell rings i go to gym

in gym ... i helped samm (mister ladodo) hang up posters in senior hall . hes tha shiiit ahaha .. i was like okay sam .. tha poster is cruced u are smokin that crack rock agen arent u? .. he whipped his nose .. hes like is it that notice able lol .. yes samm it is lol hes tha shiit

so then THIS IS WHERE IT GETS GOOOD --------

i walk into bio lab .. someone is in ma seat hes new .. he looks madd familure.. i sit down and start thinkin to ma self where do i know him from lmaoo .. jerrod gave me some ciggeretts ..  and then tha new kid got a pass to tha office .. and when he left angelina goes omg hes soo hot and all tha gurls were like yeaa he is who is he .. im like oomg he looks like ma ex bf roger lol

so then he comes back .. tha teacher goes whats ur name agen? hes like roger I BUSTED OUT LAUGHING I GOT BEAT REDD ROFLL .. omggg hes like amber? im like omggg .. i walked outta tha rooom in tears .. it was sooo funny .. so everyone kept askin me bout it alll day .. so all tha rest of tha day was GAY

we had a hald day so we got out early .. so me and cayla and danielle got a ride home with carrie .. because danilles car is in tha shop and caylas liceance is suspended .. and me .. well i cant have a liseance till im 21 ahaha .. everyone knows that tho .. so were drivin smokin and tha music is blastin .. were all dancin and shit and carrie is all highh .. she runns about 12 red lights .. rofl i go into fast track to buy a pack of 100z .. tha arab dude gamme them FOR FREE .. he said he sees me alot in there and this time i looked soo good so sinse im finee i get it free .. ahaha

w/e  i aint complainin lmfao

so then i went to caylas .. we went to zazz and got some junk foood .. me her connie and chrissay wached some movies and then victor *(her 5 year old brother) was crying cause no one wudd play video games with him sooo i went and played tha dam game with him cause i love this little boy .. and he was beating me every single time so i went back downstairs lolz .. connie went to work and chrissay went some where lol i duno where she went shes a hooker ..

soooOoOOoOo then cayla came up stairs to play tha video games with victor and her room is giant .. lol and i was sooo cold i was shaking .. so i layed down on tha bed *she has 2 beds .. one attached to tha window its relle cool its a water bed .. and tha other one is a normal bed .. so i layed in tha water bed and ended up gettin so cozy i fell asleep while she was tellin me about her bf and her lol .. and then i woke up and she was sleepin and so was vik .. so i went back 2 sleep lol

then at like 5 anessa and dan came and woke us up ... and i str8ed ma hair and did ma make up and got ready and we left with korrin tab chrissay and danielle.. and we got high and then went out to eat and went home ...


caylas bf and her are relle goin down hill i feel bad ... i luv herrrrr soo much shes ma best friend

tomorow me and cayla are fighting kim scelton .. be there!! ahahhahahha



peaceee im goin to lay downnnn


whaa biiiitch .. im single lmfaoo [16 Mar 2004|04:33am]
[ mood | creative ]

well this time .. im sooo numb from bein hurt that i dun even give a fuck .. eventually ill be ova him and hell be ova me .. to be honest i know im better then him .. ill get my good share and hell burn up in hell

hes what we call *UN FAITHFUL*


 ne who .. i love lisa fuckin lulgjruaj and stefanie K .. lol i duno her lass name she knows who she is .. they made ma fuckin night i swear to god ... i love them to fuckin death i cant wait till lisas b day shes tha shiit and i hope noraine will be there omgg i miss talkin to her mann .. shes soo fuckin cool .. i love her soo much .. honestly i wudd do ne thing 4 her shes been here 4 me alot and shes been soo real ..

i love life ..  i juss love killin whores .. lmfaoo its funn .. im a fuckin sykoo but i dunoo

ne whoo .. i got some new LOVE SPELL BY VICTORIAS SECRET omg i cant live with out that shit .. i lovee that lotion i swear to god its soo good .. not onlee is it smoothing but it smells soo good .. i suggest u go buy it .. if u wanna be cool like me ROFL

yeaaaaa .,.. ne ways


i dunooo waht tha fuck im talkin about so imma go now .. rofll i love everyone .. madd props to tha ones i mentioned ^^ there


G*Niiiite Mwaa


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