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oooo boy what a nother fuckin lovely fuckin day in ma fucked up fuckin life ...


.. well first i was at ma fuckin aunts house and tha first fucked up thing that happen was .. as soon as i walk in ma auntz givin me tha fuckin eye .. i take her into a room and im like listen why u lookin at me like that wtf is goin on? is everything okay? shes like noo u needa check brittany shes talkin madd shit about u .. she told me everything u fuckin say at skool ( nothin bout anee one juss bout how much weed i smoke and what not )

so then .. i come home pissed as fuck .. brekin shiiit all ova ma house .. then i come online .. after everything and someone imz me .. no names cause its not important and says why u talkin shit ur a fuckin liear anton dont like u .. he never duz .. duz it occur to u .. and u know what there right .. anton dont give a fuck about me .. so guess what HES OUTA THA PICTURE .. im done i swore to him on my life im dont with him so now i cant go back to him .. but i got plannz for ma self anee ways .. it mite be a few weeks but imma be outta this world .. no one will have to worry no more

... she told me someone i was with ova tha weeekend sed i was ganna stabb her and her bf .. umm i dont paticualurally remember saying that .. i was also kinna fuckin buzzed a lil .. and im on BIRTH CONTROL AND PROZACK it says on tha fuckin bottolz .. DO NOT SMOKE .. i smoke all tha time .. i passed out at skool everyone at skool knows that .. they seen me layin there on tha fuckin floor with blood commin outta ma mouth .. jp did once too ..

so then .. i fuckin am thinkin to ma self .. fuck friends i dont need no fuckin friends ... so now i got no mann .. and no fuckin friends .. because I DONT WANT NONE... i told all ma fuckin gurls to give me ma shit back .. all they dooo is talk shit sooo im done .. they can all SUCK MA FUCKIN ASS .. im doneeeeee with everyoneesss shit ..

i dont give a fuck no moree .. everyone fucked me ova in tha passed week so im done .. tha fuckin person i am .. i never talk shit about them and some how i end up gettin put on tha fuckin spot .. suddenly im tha fuckin lier .. suddenly i TALK SHIT AND DENY IT .. its soo funny tho how ma first fuckin night chillen with this chick and she goes and duz this shit to me .. and i never spoke a bad about her sinse we got str88 .. i told everyone how fuckin pretty she was .. ASK ANTON .. ASK .. naaa u knwo whaaa .. wtf duz it matter anee more .. fuck askin around iif u fuckin belive bad things bout me .. belive themm .. cause i gave up .. u mite think u guys won cause i fuckin gave up .. whatever

in tha end .. theres no such things as true gurls .. nice bfs ..weather anee one wants to admit it or not .. ur all fucked up in tha head .. its this fucked up world we fuckin live in ... but i WON cause i aint ganna be here much fuckin longer ... so say wha u want .. do wha u want .. do whatever u fuckin need to feel better .. talk away about what a fuckin bitch i am .. even after i fuckin droped this shit and gave up i bet right now alll u fuckin ppl are immin eachother havin nice lil fuckin convoz bout how i talk shit and im a fuckin whore .. im white .. i aint shit .. u wanna kick ma fuckin ass .. let me guess .. im a lier .. shit talker .... do that shit .. obviously to talk about that .. it makes ur fucking dayyyz go by a little fuckin easier .. so go ahead



peaceeee .. dont fuckin opologize to me anee one .. i dun a fuck if u aint even do shit to me .. i dun giva fuckkkkkkkkk anee more .. wach me at skool tomorow i aint talkin to no one .. i got 1 person i can talk to .. JESSICA FUCKIN BRIGGS .. because shes tha REALEST fuckin person that i know of .. and shes in tha same fuckin posistion i am in .... peaceeee tha fuck out



b fuckin koool

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