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i dun give a fuQ


   haha .. aiight today was gay as fuQ

Lass nite -- aiight me and marveta went to stefanies house we chilled there for a lil and MEG came ova shes really fuckin sweet omgg i love her. then we went to club mobil (*anton wuddnt come see me so fuQ him*) . and as soon as i get out tha fuckin car with marveta every fuckin guy came ova there .. it started gettin nasty of them ..


so i was standiin outside with everyone juss talkin and shit .. and some andre guy was like ayy gurl .. then they asked stefanie wha ma name was .. so they were like AMBERR come here .. ahaha so i walk ova there im like may i help u? .. there like ayy wassup cutiee u got a man? .. im like umm yeah anton gjonaj .. they were laughin im like ooo im sorry i think ur muffler is fallin off ur car dawgg ..

they stopped laughin .. ahaha .. and then anton kept drivin by lookin at us .. but not commin to see me .. he got pissed told me hes callin up some chicks .. so w.e ..

ahaha it was coldd and these guys were givin me a lighter ... so i sit in tha fuckin car with tha door open still jus to light ma cigg.. and they fuckin slamm tha dooor .. lock it .. and DRIVE AWAY ROFLL .. at this pointe im laughin ma ass off .. thinkin woww if they touch me imma kill them... then i realize theres 4 of them and one of me .. so i get all scared and shit .. but i know they wont do shit .. SOo they pull into this park and its al dark and emty .. there like well run a train if u want .. or well juss do it one by one? .. is that good? im like ughh u betta take me backk . .there like naa its okay .. im like umm no its not okay

andre (the driver) is touchin on ma theighs and tryina fuckin touch me and shit .. im like ughh take me back NOWW or imma brek some nex.. they start laughin .. im like naa im seriouse lol .. im like mann take me back ill hook u up with some weed .. there like aiight .. so they take me back to tha gas stationn .. they CALL anton .. i dunoo wtf they were thinkin...

i come back .. tha doors are still locked mann .. andre is still tryina get with me and shit .. omgg im like leamme alone dawgg ur nasty fuckers ..

soo then stefanie comes and SAVES THA FUCKIN DAY ahah .. she saved me mann . thank god shes a pimp or i wudd still be in that car .. so then i fuckin went to tha car .. MORE GUYS holla .. im like GO AWAY .. so at this pointe i get into tha fuckin car .. im in tha passanger side .. marveta got in tha drivers side .. they pulled up next to us .. there STILL tryiina fuckin holla .. were both like mann get lost ..

suddenly LMFAOO . tha outha gurls get there .. lynne simone luaren and i duno who else i 4 got .. and then we chiiil for a little and then we go back to stefanies .. all them fuckin gurls are sooo pretty =] madd props to stefanie .. shes gorgeousee i swear =]~ .. i got to get on her back she gamme a piggy back ride hehe.. im special .. be jeleouzz

and thenn .. we were all dancin in her base ment lolz .. luaren and simone went to get some food .. offered us some .. but me and marveta left .. came home and lydida came ova .. she spent tha nite ..

then this morning .. i woke up cleaned and ma purta rican side of tha famiily came ova and then we went to mexiiican town juss like we do every weekend .. and i learned how to salsa .. ahaha it was soo funny omgg .. i ate sooo much .. i had some churros .. sopapieas .. quasadias .. triotto .. omg i ate alot lol ... then i had some cookies lol from tha bakery ..

then i came home .. and did NOTHING lol ..

tomorow- goin to ma cuzins house in roseville for his bday party .. and then imma prolly go to vetaz sinse she lives around tha block from there =]~ and umm thats bout it .. imma go tanning every day this week so i can super fuckin tann ..


haha ..


me and anton still aint togeatha .. juss so ya know



mwaaaZz .. madd propz to everyone .. stefanie simone .. luaren .. lynne .. and meg iluu gurlz



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