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whaa biiiitch .. im single lmfaoo

well this time .. im sooo numb from bein hurt that i dun even give a fuck .. eventually ill be ova him and hell be ova me .. to be honest i know im better then him .. ill get my good share and hell burn up in hell

hes what we call *UN FAITHFUL*


 ne who .. i love lisa fuckin lulgjruaj and stefanie K .. lol i duno her lass name she knows who she is .. they made ma fuckin night i swear to god ... i love them to fuckin death i cant wait till lisas b day shes tha shiit and i hope noraine will be there omgg i miss talkin to her mann .. shes soo fuckin cool .. i love her soo much .. honestly i wudd do ne thing 4 her shes been here 4 me alot and shes been soo real ..

i love life ..  i juss love killin whores .. lmfaoo its funn .. im a fuckin sykoo but i dunoo

ne whoo .. i got some new LOVE SPELL BY VICTORIAS SECRET omg i cant live with out that shit .. i lovee that lotion i swear to god its soo good .. not onlee is it smoothing but it smells soo good .. i suggest u go buy it .. if u wanna be cool like me ROFL

yeaaaaa .,.. ne ways


i dunooo waht tha fuck im talkin about so imma go now .. rofll i love everyone .. madd props to tha ones i mentioned ^^ there


G*Niiiite Mwaa

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