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3Lw - Is yOu FeeLiiN Me

OoOkay HeReZ tHa FucKiN sHeJt

             .. Tha WeeKeNd WaZ RelLe FuN HeHe ..


                    woke up saturday and cleaned .. got ready, meg came and got me ( i love her ) and then we went to darkoz party! i had fun i drank .. lmao but then this bitch showed up ahahah .. i went siiick wooo.. stefanie came to the couch to tell me she wudd be back in a lil cause that whore was outside lmfaoo and i jumped up im like ooo shit where .. shes like wowww chill out lmfao. me her and mel went up there. i was screaming where is this bitch att.. i didnt even knoe wha she looked like .. im juss goin sick.

            cuddnt find her. i sat down on the couch and talked to simon the whole time. and smoked a few squares .. to bad goose kept stealin my ciggz . lmao he kept loookin at me and goin heinikan .. heiniken .. im like ugh are u okay man? rofl .. so then some other guy sat next to me. duno his name but he was cute. lol

               we chilled at that party for about 5 hours i think .. then anton showed up madd as fuck. simon walked me upstairs and tried helpin me find my coat. so i left . 

          so then . i went with anton and we had a good time. he opended doors 4 me and shit. we cuddnt stop kissing lol hes cuteee as hell.

               then back to stefanies chilled and talked to her mom. omg her mom is the shit lmaoo. then i was soo tired i went in stefanies room and fell asleep. i was thinkin about soo meny things while i was layin down. about anton .. about the party .. about hmm alot .. i dunoooo

                 for some reason i feel heart broken ... i duno what it is. i feel like i miss some thing. i dont even know wtf it is.

                        maybe its cause i left my clothes in megz car rofl

           No thats not it .. i dunoooo

                                                so yeah then this AM i woke up

 me and stefanie ate some cerial. and then nick came ova .. me and peter faught because hes a meanie. hes funny tho lol cool kid. her family is G .. lolz

             then danny stopped by .. duno what that was about ..

      then nick came over and chilled with us for a lil bit.

                             then julie came over we got ready and here i am today lol

 tomorow im goin shoppin with danielle =]



 i love stefanie .. shes tha best fucking person i swear to god. shes soo nice i can talk to her bout nee thing and shez juss tha best mann .. i feel compfortable around her like shes a real person not one of them fake bitchez . and i always have fun with her

 and simon has a sexxii asss lmaoo << inside joke with stefanie ..

oo and goose is a molester .. and he can onlee fuck his 10 year old gf for 12 minz lmfaoo ( were juss kidding guys dont get mad lol)




 im sooo sick of how some ppl juss change over time. i wont say no names (there guys) .. its juss funny. i cant stand it. why duz this always happen to me?



 fuck it ..



                       my feelings are so mixed up .. i cant even say what happen and why it happen .. its juss changed .. dont mean i gotta change who i am tho.



                .. no matter what always stay tha fuckin same. dont change ova gay shit




                                       my mommy always told me that =[

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